Plant-Powered Kids

It’s not controversial: kids thrive on a diet that’s rich in whole, plant-based foods. Fitting that into your kids’ daily routine just got easier!




With kids back in school, it’s important to ensure that your kids are eating right – even at lunchtime. That means LOTS of whole-food, plant-based proteins and carbs, and little-to-no refined or processed anything.

Nutritionists agree that it’s important to avoid many lunchbox staples, like Goldfish crackers or processed meats, because they’re sky-high in sodium levels (terrible for tots of all ages) and low in nutrients.

But there’s a reason moms and dads turn to these tummy-turning staples…. They’re easy.

That’s why we’re here to say that packing a picture-perfect, nutrition dense lunchbox IS do-able! Yes, it may be a little tricky, bu it is supremely possible… with just a little pre-planning.

So, here at NikoBar, we’ve put together the top five go-to items to pack in your childrens’ lunches:

  1. Cherry Chocolate Chip NikoBars. Yes, we’re biased. But these vegan treats are full of everything kids need to fuel their days (and nothing they don’t!)… Including organic rice protein, cherries and gluten free rice cereal. At a whopping 12 grams of protein and just 5 grams of sugar, it’s hard to think of any lunchbox centerpiece that offers more.

  1. Cubes of Tofu. Forget dairy-based products like cheese and yogurt, which upset many childrens’ stomachs, and instead try a tasty Eastern-staple: Tofu. Season it with a little soy sauce for a school lunch packed with plant-protein that won’t take you any longer to prepare than a ‘Lunchable.’

  1. Your kids may be sick of that lonely apple or orange staring up from the middle of their lunchboxes (we are too for goodness sake!), but try cutting your fruit into fresh slices and throwing in some nectarines or grapes for a splash of color, and you’ll turn a tired tangerine into a Fun Fruit Salad in no time!

  1. Baby carrots with hummous. Delicious, and packed with antioxidants from the carrots and plant-protein from the garbanzo beans, this seemingly simple duo really was made in lunchbox heaven.

  1. Seaweed. Seaweed-based chips are all the rage at stores ranging from Trader Joe’s to Whole Foods. And we couldn’t be happier about this trend!  Seaweed is a great, natural and vegan source of minerals, vitamin B6 and iodine. Forget those empty-calorie potato chips for good!