Late for Soccer practice? On the run?

Your Kids burn TONS of ENERGY and that makes it important for them to fuel up throughout the day THE SMART & HEALTHY WAY. Make sure to have the right snacks on hand- Grab a NikoBar! HEALTHY FRESH & Shipped Direct to YOU

NikoBar Protein Bars for Kids aren’t good food in disguise – They’re JUST PLAIN GOOD while being Healthy for YOUR Kids at the same time.

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Know the FACTS


Kids need the right kind of food to grow up healthy and smart. A 5 year old kid’s brain burns more glucose than an adult’s brain! What’s that tell you about pulling good grades? It’s important for Kids to re-fuel throughout the day!


Our society is loaded with opportunities to make poor choices – the number of overweight adults is proof! You CAN help your kids make healthy choices from the get-go so they learn to make better choices later on. NikoBar Protein Bars for Kids replace empty ingredients with things like Organic Peanut Butter, Organic Chocolate Chips, Crunchy Nuts and Cherries. YUM!


Understanding sugar is important. Sugar is a simple carb. It causes a spike in blood sugar (and energy) but burns out in a flash! BUT not all carbs are bad. Believe it or not, kids need a diet made up of about 50% healthy carbs. Those that come from foods like rice and grains found in NikoBar Protein Bars for Kids are the smart carbs needed for a kid-healthy diet.



Americans eat more sugar than they should. Duh! The scary fact is that kids are consuming MORE sugar every day than their parents! This usually results in sugary foods replacing vitamins and nutrients needed to build strong minds and bodies. NikoBar Protein Bars for Kids replace highly processed sugar with healthy counterparts like Agave Nectar and Raisin Juice Concentrate.

Choose Kid-Friendly NikoBar Protein Bars for Kids. They taste like they came from the candy aisle. Only you’ll know the truth (but no need to keep it a secret)!

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