NikoBar to Launch Premium 'Grass-Fed-Whey-Protein' Line of Kid-Focused Nutrition Bars in Two Whimsical Flavors

MONTROSE, California, March 1, 2016 –  NikoBar, will soon launch a new line of whey bars which will offer bars featuring grass-fed, pasture-raised whey protein as the first ingredient. What’s more, they’ll come in two of the most original flavors ever to hit the protein bar market, including a Candy Cane Bar and a Birthday Cake Bar.

“We wanted to offer a line of whey bars because of the flavor possibilities that opened up for us,” said Gwynne Yadley, founder and principal of NikoBar LLC. That’s why every bar in the new line will be made using the highest quality grass-fed whey protein from New Zealand.”

Studies reveal Grass-fed whey to be nutritionally superior to its grain-fed counterpart. Grass-fed whey is not only an excellent source of protein -- it contains an impressive amino acid and immuno-supportive nutrient profile. In addition, it is rich in healthy fats such as Omega-3 and has free radical fighting anti-oxidants. An important factor when it comes to kids and nutrition is that Grass-fed whey Protein is a great fuel food. As a mom, for Yadley that was a deciding factor. Grass-fed whey Protein got a green light!

“As a company we strive to make sure all our products are healthy and nutritious. As a mom, I learned first-hand the problems that come from intolerance or hypersensitivity to certain foods,” said Gwynne Yadley, founder of NikoBar. “We are committed to deliver on our promise to have the best tasting, healthiest bars available, even though that means spending a little more on the ingredients.”

The new bars won’t just be made with the super-ingredient of grass fed whey – they will also come in two incredibly original kid-tastic flavors: Candy Cane (the first ever nutrition bar of this flavor!) and sprinkles-filled Birthday Cake! The idea for the Candy Cane flavor came straight from the founder’s 9-year-old son, and the company’s namesake, Niko.

As always, the new line of NikoBars are all natural and they are completely Gluten-Free. The key ingredients in the new line of NikoBars are real, nutrient-dense foods, including creamy grass fed whey protein, delicious nut butters and fiber derived from plants.

Watch for the new Grass-Fed Whey Protein Bar to launch soon. Learn more about NikoBar, LLC and their great line of Protein Bars at

About NikoBar

NikoBar, LLC, headquartered in Montrose, CA, is a company whose mission is to provide premium grade healthy food products, formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing children. Founded in 2010, the company boasts a selection of Protein Bars made from all natural ingredients, including both vegan and whey proteins, plant-derived fibers, creamy nut butters and whole pieces of dried fruit and nuts.

NikoBars are a protein-dense healthy alternative to high-sugar mass produced products without compromising the pleasurable taste that kids demand. They are a great choice for busy parents who are not willing to compromise on quality when it comes to food for their kids.

NikoBars are guaranteed fresh, and are available at select retail outlets. They can also be purchased directly through the company website and shipped anywhere in the United States.

To learn more about NikoBar Protein Bars at or call (626) 298-4615.