Candy Cane Protein Bars

The Best Healthy & Ready-to-Eat Holiday Treats for Kids in 2016

(Spoiler Alert: we know where to get healthy candy cane protein bars!)

Thanksgiving was last week, so now it's basically Christmas -- right? We’ve officially entered the season of Snowman Cookies, Christmas Tree Cakes & Santa-Shaped Candies everywhere! But before you think this means you have to throw your kids’ healthy eating out the window until January 1 – think again.

An awesome array of cutting-edge, kid-focused companies have launched
 holiday-flavored treats that taste like Christmas, but offer nutrition that New Year’s Resolutions would be proud of too. And, they’re all ready-made so that you don’t need to slave away over reindeer shaped celery sticks with pretzel antlers… We all know this can be great fun at the right moment, but not when you’re dashing out the door to get to Grandma’s or do some last minute shopping!
Best of all, these top picks are all built to thrive in diaper bags, on car journeys and through long store lines. When the kids cry, “I’m starving!” you can have an answer you’ll be proud of if you stock up on these incredible favorites of ours for this holiday season:

NikoBar’s Candy Cane Protein Bars

These incredible kid-tastic protein bars literally taste like delicious candy canes, but offer an ingredient list and nutritional profile that’s so phenomenal that you’d be happy if they skipped breakfast, lunch or dinner and ate these instead. These totally original Candy Cane Bars are made with Grass Fed pasture-raised whey protein – giving this bar an amazing 14 grams of protein with just 3 grams of sugar! The icing on this Christmas Cake? They’re also naturally gluten free! Perfect for everything from long holiday drives to stocking stuffers!


Halo’s Mandarins

Yes, they might look like mere oranges, but these whole fruits are actually chosen to be easy to peel for little fingers and super sweet! What’s more, they’re naturally packed with anti-oxidants and straight-from-nature carbs to power kids through the holiday season and beyond. Have extra fun with mandarins by adding a holiday art project too: teach your kids to make sweet smelling Pomander Balls by filling their mandarins with cloves for delicious smelling Christmas ornaments with this awesome article. 


 Udi’s Gluten Free Cookies

If your little ones are craving some classic cookies, we love Udi’s Gluten Free options – ranging in flavors from Coconut Peanut Butter to Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip. While the nutrition facts could be better (we don’t love protein at just 1 gram), we do love the fact that these are miles better than most Christmas cookie treats. Not only are they gluten free, they’re also totally free of awful synthetic sugars like corn syrup and have incredible whole real foods featured throughout their ingredient lists – like eggs, coconut, brown rice flour and apple juice for sweetness.

NikoBar’s Birthday Cake Bars

While Christmas is certainly about a lot more than the religious holiday in today’s day and age, it can still be fun to remember that it’s also a celebration of Jesus’ birth. One interactive (and healthy!) way to do this is to get a stock of NikoBar’s Birthday Cake Bars! Made with grass fed whey protein, and boasting a whopping 14 grams of protein, and just 2 grams of sugar, your kids can have their Christmas birthday cake and eat it too with these delicious snacks.  Laying them out with milk can also make these perfect for “Santa’s Snack” on Christmas eve!


Happy Holidays!