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Every bar that comes in the “Fantastic Foursome” is high in protein (10+ grams), high in fiber (9+ grams), gluten free and low in sugar (6 grams or fewer). “We wanted to offer the perfect mix for parents trying to keep their kids eating healthily through the notoriously unhealthy holiday season,” said Gwynne Yadley, founder and principal of NikoBar LLC. “Because of the holidays, children are bombarded with unhealthy, high sugar, low protein food options everywhere they go. As a mom, I wanted to offer a delicious and easy alternative to that.”

Indeed, every fun-tasting bar in the Foursome boasts an incredible and nutrient dense ingredient list that offers a serious protein punch for kids along with great taste. Two of the bars (Birthday Cake and Candy Cane) feature grass-fed, pasture raised whey protein from New Zealand as the very first ingredient on their ingredient lists. The other two bars (Cherry Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter & Chocolate) derive their protein from organic rice – and still hit 10+ grams of protein per bar at 180 calories or fewer.

Studies reveal that kids need a diet rich in protein and fiber, and low in sugar, in order to perform well academically and socially. NikoBars provide precisely the combo that kids require: lots of protein and fiber, with very low sugar. Every bar in the Foursome has a maximum of 6 grams of sugar, while still hitting up to 14 grams of pure protein, and up to 14 grams of fiber. 

Scientists believe the link between performance and protein consumption is fundamentally linked to the fact that proteins are the primary material of human muscles, organs, and immune systems. There are over 20 slightly different amino acids that humans need in order to thrive. Kids’ bodies can produce around 13 of these, but there are 9 amino acids that their bodies can’t make themselves. These are called essential amino acids and kids can only getting these by eating certain combinations of protein-rich foods.

In addition to the taste and nutrients, NikoBar was also focused on hitting an enviable price point with their latest offering in order to make it affordable during the often cash-strapped holiday season. The entire “Fantastic Foursome,” featuring all four flavors of bar, is just $10 – making it perfect for everything from playdate fuel to healthy stocking stuffer treats. 

The ingredients in the bars, however, would suggest a bar costing much more -- including organic nut butters, grass fed whey protein, dried cherries and real dark chocolate. “We are committed to deliver on our promise to have the best tasting, healthiest bars available, even though that means spending a little more on the ingredients,” said Yadley.

As always, the new “Fanastic Foursome” of NikoBars are all 180 calories or fewer, and they are completely Gluten-Free. Learn more about NikoBar, LLC and their great line of Protein Bars at

About NikoBar

NikoBar, LLC, headquartered in Montrose, CA, is a company whose mission is to provide delicious and premium healthy food products, formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing children. Founded in 2010, the company boasts a selection of Protein Bars made from real food ingredients, including both vegan and whey proteins, plant-derived fibers, creamy nut butters and whole pieces of dried fruit and nuts.

NikoBars are a protein-dense healthy alternative to high-sugar mass produced products without compromising the pleasurable taste that kids demand. They are a great choice for busy parents who are not willing to compromise on quality when it comes to food for their kids.

NikoBars are guaranteed fresh, and are available at select retail outlets. They can also be purchased directly through the company website and shipped anywhere in the United States.

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