The Four Very Best 2016 Kids Stocking Stuffers

Here at NikoBar, we always try to do our holiday shopping well in advance. But even with the best planned kids’ gift lists, we are always forgetting to pre-plan the Christmas stockings. And, when we haven't planned ahead, the Christmas Stocking so often seems to turn into an overpriced goodie bag packed with dollar-store plastic and high fructose corn syrup treats. Alas!

So, we decided to get together at NikoBars to put together a curated list of what we think are the Four Very Best 2016 Kids' Stocking Stuffers. These ideas are all super fun for kids and are guaranteed to make parents smile too. Best of all, you can buy them all online right here so you won’t be scrambling through CVS’s leftover toy bins on Christmas Eve!

The Healthy Treat:

The classic Christmas stocking food-duo has always been for parents to fill their kids’ sacks with a two part combo of candy and one shiny, guilt-assuaging orange. And the classic response from kids has always been to treat the orange like a baseball, and eat the candy for their breakfast. This year, break that Christmas breakfast nightmare and pack your kids’ stockings with a NikoBar instead. They’re as delicious as candy (and even come in Candy Cane flavor!!!), and you’ll feel awesome about your kids eating these protein and fiber packed bars as breakfast. Even if it is barely dawn!

Where to get it online: NikoBar

How much: Just $2.49 per bar ($29.99 for a box of 12)

The Techie Toy:

The most popular toys seem to get techier every year: iPods, gaming toys, smart phones, the list goes on and on. But – no matter how much we love the kids being able to play games while on long car rides or airplane trips – we definitely don’t love the sound of their toys from the backseat. As a result, we are totally obsessed with Lil Gadgets line of Wireless BlueTooth Headphones – aptly named “The Untangled Pro.”  These top quality bluetooth headphones come in a variety of kid-tastic colors – from green to purple.

Great for kids aged 4 to around 12, these headphones have a 10-hour battery life with 180 hours standby.  Better still, kids find them comfy with super soft ear pads and a stay-on design, so they won’t want to rip them off after 5 minutes….  And you can have adult music or conversation once again.

Where to get it online: Lil Gadgets

How much: $49

The Toy to take to Christmas Dinner:

Heading to the big family Christmas dinner after stockings and breakfast? No doubt, the kids will want to tote all their new toys along with them. That probably won’t work for a host of logistical reasons, so make sure you pre-stock the stocking with one item that’s built for this kind of portability: the Hex Bug. These vibrating, ‘crawling’ bugs are endless fun, come with a long-lasting battery, and fit in a tiny kids’ pocket.  We’ve seen toddlers and teens alike go crazy for these charismatic little robots!

Where to get it online: Amazon

How Much: $6.93

The Artsy Toy:

The answer is simpler than you might think: it’s tape. But not just any tape -- Washi Tape! As you may or may not know, washi tape is basically ultra-creativity-inspiring, adorably-patterned masking tape. Give a kid a roll and watch them create art out of anything and everything they decide to stick it to. If the cardboard box is the ultimate building toy; washi tape is the ultimate art toy.

Where to get it online: Target

How Much? From $2 per roll